Statement by Mwiya.

Recently there have been some reports making the rounds on Zambian blogs speaking to my being appointed to the President of the Republic of Zambia's Business Advisory Council. I would like to address this; I have not been appointed to the said council. To the best of my knowledge, only the esteemed Professor Saasa has received such an appointment. The photo making the rounds (posted below) was of a visit by the Business Coalition Council Emergency Taskforce (BCCET) members to State House.

BCCET members with His Excellency the President, & State House authorities

BCCET is a cross-cutting business coalition that was originally established in 2020 to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic and various private sector matters. Members include business leaders from all sections of the Zambian economy; from mining, to banking, construction, tourism, finance, etc. I have been a member of the BCCET board of trustees since 2020, of which the esteemed Professor Oliver Saasa is Chairperson. As such I was at this meeting in my capacity as a member of the Board of Trustees of BCCET. I am not a member of the President's Business Advisory Council.

Whilst BCCET has been mandated with taking a leading role in building the business advisory council. Members of this council are yet to be announced as this initiative of State House is still at its earliest stages. Details of the council's membership will eventually be shared via official channels. Appointments are yet to be made. In view of the above, I am making this statement to ensure that the public record is corrected.


Mwiya Musokotwane