Something new to start the year. I suggest you play the below song as you read this post. A bit of poetry to start the year: ResoluteI am the storm that rages I

Statement by Mwiya.

Recently there have been some reports making the rounds on Zambian blogs speaking to my being appointed to the President of the Republic of Zambia's Business Advisory Council. I would like to address

Primer: real estate & finance

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak with Stanbic Bank's credit department about real estate and finance. This essay is a summary of the main elements of that talk. When

Human habitats

Some 10,000 years ago cities emerged in the Fertile Crescent. Around that same time, human beings begun toying with a new technology--agriculture. We often don't think of agriculture as a technology, but


Children will fall many times as they learn to walk. It's part of their learning process. This is true of most things kids do; they will fall when learning how to ride a